Term Of Usage

Welcome to weftbiz.com (“Portal”). Please read the following Terms of Use that services your use and/or purchase of products/services through our website as this constitute a legally binding agreement between you (“the User”) and Bizmann System (S) Private Limited. Please note that your use of the portal consists of your acceptance of the Terms of Use and your agreement to be bound by it.

1.Licence, User Access, Website, Commencement Date and Contract Period
1.1Subject to the terms of this Agreement, Bizmann System (S) Pte Ltd (“Bizmann”) of 150 Kampong Ampat, #05-08 KA Centre, Singapore 368324 hereby grants the User the non-exclusive right to use Bizmann’s portal known as Globalconnectb2b.com (“Website”) (or by such other name as Bizmann may designate) for the purpose (“Purpose”) as described in the Schedule hereto.
1.2The non-exclusive right in Clause 1.1 means the non-exclusive right of the User to:
To login and access the website for the intention of on-line sourcing and procurement functions as provided within the website.

2.User’s Obligation
The User shall: -
2.1access and use the Website and its application(s) in a proper manner and in accordance to the instructions set out in the accompanying e-manual (if any) or as instructed by Bizmann.
2.2Provide and promptly update you or your company's information to reflect the current situation.
2.3promptly notify and inform Bizmann on any issues/bugs it encounters in the use of the Website;
2.4permit Bizmann representatives reasonable access during your normal business hours from Mondays to Fridays, except for general and local Public Holidays), upon prior notice to access the User’s IT System for the purpose of diagnosing any issues in the use of the Website, if necessary.
2.5not disclose and/or share the access code to the Website with any third party without the consent of Bizmann;
2.6not place or cause to be placed any goods or services that does not belong to the User in the Website;
2.7not use the Website to carry out any illegal activities;
2.8not make, copy or permit any unauthorised alterations or modifications to the Website and its application(s) in any parts thereof, including reverse engineering of the Website and its application(s).
2.9promptly notify Bizmann if there is a change in the address of the User as set out in the Schedule;
2.10pay all charges expenses and fees due under this Agreement and any other invoices relating to the use of the Website and its application(s);
2.11not assign any of its rights, interests or benefits under this Agreement or any part to any person without the prior written consent of Bizmann and any assignment made in contravention of this clause shall not bind Bizmann. For the purposes of this clause, any amalgamation and/or merger and/or corporate restructuring effected by the User or a change in ownership of [25] % or more of shareholding in the User or in the effective control of the User shall be deemed an assignment; and indemnify Bizmann against any liability incurred by Bizmann to any person, and against all claims, damages, costs and expenses made against or incurred by Bizmann, arising out of or in any way connected with, the User’s use of the Website (other than those arising from the negligence of Bizmann) or breach of the terms of this Agreement.
2.12Agree to the listing of User’s “Company Name”, “Email Address”, “Company Number” and “Company Website” for the access of subscribed member buyers.

3.Bizmann’s Obligation on the Website and its application(s) ONLY
During the Contract Period, and subject always to the User performing and complying the terms of this Agreement, Bizmann shall: -
3.1grant the User access to use the Website for the Purpose;
3.2The Company reserves the right to charge the costs of the service to notify you in accordance for paid services or access to the company server and occurred in all payable taxes, and related hardware, software, telecommunications, network services and other costs to the Company by your own risk.
3.3Unless explicitly stated otherwise, any notice or updates to the Terms and Conditions of the portal shall be sent by e-mail to the e-mail address registered to the User at sign up.
4.Risk of Loss & Damages
The User hereby assumes and bears the entire business and/or operational risks, on the use of the Website and its application(s), including any loss or unrecovered User’s data and User’s confidential information.
Bizmann’s portal is solely for the use of finding trading partners, transactions of goods and services, consultations, and access to the location of the various trade-related services. However, the authenticity or accuracy of the quality, safety or legality of the items involved in the transaction, trade information, as well as the ability of counterparties to fulfil their obligations in trade agreements is not controlled by Bizmann
It is also not within the Bizmann’s responsibility to ensure the transaction parties ability to fulfil their transaction obligations.

5. Non-Disclosure of Confidential Information
The parties acknowledge that each party may be exposed to or acquire communication or data of the other party that is confidential, privileged communication not intended to be disclosed to third parties.

6.Limitation of Liability
In no event shall Bizmann be liable for damages of any kind or nature incurred by and arising out of or in connection with this Agreement, whether based upon breach of contract or tort (including negligence), even if advised of the possibility of such damages. The liability of Bizmann under this Agreement, whether arising out of breach of contract or tort (including negligence) shall in no event exceed the latest Monthly Instalment actually paid to Bizmann. The disclaimer of warranties and limitation of liability constitute an essential part of this Agreement.
Bizmann System will not be involved in the event disputes arise from with one or more users while using or connecting through services on Globalconnectb2b.com.

User shall not transfer or assign any of the rights or obligations under this Agreement without the prior consent of Bizmann, which consent Bizmann may reject without providing any reason whatsoever. Any such transfer or assignment without Bizmann's written consent shall be void and of no force and effect.

8.1If you provide any untrue, inaccurate, incomplete information or information that does not reflect the current situation, Globalconnectb2b.com reserves the right to suspend or terminate your registration status and information and refuse your current or future Service (or any part thereof) in any form. If you represent a company or other legal entity registered with the Company, you represent and warrant that you have the right to make the company or other legal entity subject to this Agreement the terms "binding.
8.2 Any notice, demand, summons, writ or any legal documents required to be given by either party or its authorised agents or solicitors to the other party hereunder shall be validly given if served personally on the other party or sent by prepaid (registered) post (or by recorded delivery service) addressed to or left at the address of the other party as stated hereinbefore or to or at the other party’s last known address and shall if sent by post be conclusively deemed to have been received by the other party forty-eight hours after the time of posting.
8.3 No liability shall be attached to Bizmann either in contract or in tort for loss, injury or damage sustained by the User or by any third party by reason of any defect or malfunction in the Website and its application(s) whether such defect be latent or apparent on examination and shall not be liable to indemnify the User in respect of any claim made against the User by third party for any such loss, injury or damage.
8.4If required, all monies payable by the User to Bizmann herein may be subject to Goods and Services Tax, and such other rates and levies as may be imposed by the relevant authorities from time to time.
8.5The operation of this Agreement is subject to satisfactory credit check/ validation of the User, and availability of the Website and its application(s) for use by the User.
8.6A person who is not a party to this Agreement shall have no right under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act to rely upon or enforce any of its terms.
8.7This Agreement is governed by the laws of Singapore and each of the parties hereto irrevocably submits to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Singapore.